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Leaders Message

"Dear Students,

Nothing can quite uplift our spirit in quite the same manner as education does. Yes, there are some exceptions of people attaining greatness without formal education. But for the rest of us, education is the foundation on which to build our dreams into reality.

The academic experience that we offer has been crafted with the same care and devotion that an artist bestows to a painting or a musician to a lyric. The people who deliver the programs are among the finest you are likely to come across anywhere. The leadership is truly visionary and inspirational. Together, these form a formidable combination that can shape your careers and transform the ordinary to the extraordinary. I invite you to be a part of this exhilarating experience. Come to Community Institute. Come where mind and matter coalesce into a seamless continuum and turn life into a rich tapestry - one that you, your parents, and siblings and friends, would be proud of."

- Shri. K.M. Nagaraj

"Dear Students,

I wish to assure the students and their parents that we at our institute have set very high goals and standards for our self, so that students joining us are molded into effective leaders and managers to be acceptable to the corporate world, business environment & the society at large. We believe in an education system that looks beyond and concentrates on individual development by imparting 'life skills' and enhancing life time opportunities.

Our institute facilitates innovative thinking by presenting students with an exclusive learning ambience to feel their growth as future technologists.

Associations for every discipline activities, cultural activities, events and sports are provided to enhance the students' multiple skill acquisition in a culturally rich environment to fight competencies. We are sure you will achieve all that you have set out to achieve for a highly successful career and more than that to be a good human being, a career that your parents had always wished for you. The Institute has excellent ambience for higher studies, research and cultural exchange."

-Shri. Chikkaiah

"Dear Students,

Welcome to CIMS!

The institute enjoys autonomy, both strategic and financial that few peer schools in India can boast of. We place education of people first and that is reflected in our strategy, faculty development, design of programs. Our programs are regulation compliant and internationally accredited.

We have constant interactions with various business leaders and global managers from the corporate world as also the academic gurus who often double up as guest faculty. The nurturing environment and competitive spirit make it an 'Institute of Choice' for renowned faculty. Faculty members engage with senior executives on real business problems thereby contributing to the industry on one hand and enriching the classroom discussion on the other.

With all the basics in place and a leadership position on a national front, we are now gearing up for some signal achievements. As a school, we will continue to foster thought leadership and lead change. We will be modifying our activities in ways that foreground the importance of global citizenship and sustainable business models. We strongly value our partnerships with business, employers and the wider community as we work together to enhance the country's social and economic health."

- Dr.B.S. Suresh Babu

  • Establishment: 2007 Affiliation: Bangalore University.
  • The institution is located in the heart of Bangalore city with excellent infrastructure.
  • CIMS PU is housed in a beautiful campus, which is surrounded by tree-lined streets and abundant greenery.
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